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Houston's premier family-owned and operated AC repair specialists

Adams Air

When it comes to indoor comfort in Houston's hot and humid climate, the Adams Air team has the perfect and affordable solution for all your AC repair needs. Adams Air Conditioning is a family-owned and operated air conditioning repair service based out of Houston, TX and we provide the affordable client-focused HVAC service Houstonians and their businesses deserve, and nothing less. With over 30 years of local Houston HVAC experience, we're confident we can supply the results your looking to achieve with any of your Houston HVAC projects.

The demands of Houston's hot and humid climate really put a strain on our air conditioning equipment year in and year out and at Adams Air we specialize in providing heat exchange solutions in Texas' hot and humid environment. The challenge in Houston is providing results that not only combat the heat but the humidity as well, which makes HVAC a very unique process in Houston when compared to any other part of the country. We have provided solutions to some of the most complex HVAC problems in Houston, including surgical operating rooms, server farms, and dust free lithography printing zones and just about every scenario in between.

When you choose Adams Air, you deal directly with a member of the Adams family from the start of your AC project, until the very end. We provide all our in-house services ourselves, which allows us to focus our efforts around what's really important to our clients - Their needs and their budget. Every HVAC problem is different, and so we know every HVAC solution is different, and we're positive we can provide the one your looking for.

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