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Civil Law

Civil Law encompasses all law that is not criminal. This area of law mainly involves disputes and lawsuits between two or more parties. Civil actions can involve individual persons, corporations, the government, partnerships, and other entities. Civil Law includes many things such as personal injury, divorce, medical malpractice, car wrecks, contracts as well as many other areas of the law.

Generally, you should speak to an attorney before you talk to anyone about your civil legal problem. This is because generally, anything you say can be used against you in court. A loss in a civil case can result in a money judgment against you and the other party can garnish your wages and seize most of your assets to collect the judgment.

Criminal Law

As Criminal Law Attorneys, we represent and defend you when the state or federal government is prosecuting you for a crime. Typically, the sooner you bring a Criminal Defense Lawyer into the case or investigation, the better the outcome can be for you.

It is generally best to talk to a Criminal Defense Lawyer before you talk to anyone else, including police officers or prosecutors. This is because anything you say can be used against you in court.

Call us immediately before you talk to anyone! Any criminal charge is serious and can cause a loss of your freedom and other serious problems in your life. Do not take a chance with your freedom! Call us immediately at (601) 355-9600.


  • "Private Practice Of Law, 1982 Through The Present
  • Successful practice of law consisting of the full range of civil and criminal matters. Familiar and well-versed in trying cases, both jury and non-jury.Represented Hinds and Rankin Counties, Mississippi, serving from 1984 through 2008
  • Chairman, Committee on Fees and Salaries of Public Officers, 2000 through 2004
  • Chairman, Committee on Oil, Gas and Other Minerals, 2004 through 2008
  • Co-Chairman, Joint Legislative Committee to Establish a National Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi
  • Subcommittee Chairman: Judiciary "A" Committee, Ways and Means Committee and Education Committee. Member of the Committees from 1984 Through 2008
  • Appropriations Committee, 1992 Through 1995, Chairman of the Executive/Administrative Sub-Committee, 1992 Through 1993
  • Vice Chairman, Judiciary "A" Committee, 1992 Through 1996
  • Vice Chairman, Constitution Committee, 1988 Through 1991 and 1996 Through 1999
  • Ways And Means Committee, 1988 Through 1991 And 1996 Through 2008
  • Conservation And Water Resources Committee, 1988 Through 1992 And 2004 Through 2008
  • Transportation Committee, 1984 Through 1992
  • Municipalities Committee, 1984 Through 1988
  • Education Committee, 1996 Through 2008
  • Rules Committee, 1992 Through 1995
  • Agriculture Committee, 1984 Through 1992
  • Mississippi Agri-Business Council, 1992 Through 1995
  • Mississippi Environmental Protection Council, 1988 Through 1992Located on the corner of State St. and Tombigbee Street next to Hinds County Chancery Courthouse."

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